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The Furry Gilberts One Man – New Single Release

Furry Gilberts One Man New Single Release from Navan2Navan.
One Man is the new single from the Furry Gilberts due to be officially released at a launch party in the Newgrange Hotel Navan on the 29th of July 2012.

The Furry Gilberts will be playing on the balcony of Navan Shopping Centre on Sunday 22nd next as part of the Navan2Navan busking weekend. Please come along and if you can sing, dance, or play, please come and take part.

The Furry Gilberts “One Man” single will be available to buy at all events and will be also available to download from the Navan2Navan E-Commerce website


Volume 1 of Beggys’ Jamrock Sessions Navan.Featuring bands who have participated at Beggys’ Jamrocks in Navan. Beggys’ Jamrocks takes place every Thursday night. CD compiled by the Navan2Navan group and the Furry Gilberts.This CD is due to be launched on Thursday 19th at Beggy’s Jamrocks Navan. The CD will also be available to buy from the Navan2Navan E-Commerce store in the coming days and individual tracks will also be available for download.

Beggys's Jamrocks Volume 1 from Navan2Navan and The Furry Gilberts

Eddie Who wrote this song a few years ago for the Navan Shamrock Festival.Many of the famous parts of Navan are name checked.Check it out.

And as we know now there is more than one Navan. Will we have a song from Ontario,….Australia,…. Peru,…..Iran,..and yes there is a Navan on the Moon also. As they say in Navan, County Meath ….”That’s Moon”…

Check out the new Maps of Navan, County Meath Ireland and Navan, Ontario Canada on the Navan2Navan website.

Navan2Navan is a Community Driven Initiative to develop social and economic links between Ireland and Canada. The Navan2Navan Organisation will travel to Navan Ontario from Navan Ireland in August 2012 to udertake a trade and culture visit. The cultural part of this Canadian visit involves a team of Navan musicians taking part in the Navan Fair and other events in Ottawa. The Trade part of this visit involves a Tourism and Enterprise stand in conjunction with Tourism Ireland at the Navan Fair. The Tourism Initiative will be to promote Navan and the Meath area, as part of the Boyne Valley, as an ideal location for holidays or stopovers in Ireland.  There will also be a trade event at the Irish Embassy in Ottawa where the Navan2Navan representatives will meet members of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and local business representatives.

If you are a Irish musician, artist or business that has some product/service that you wish to promote in Canada, please contact with your details. If possible send an Information pack to Navan2Navan.

Alternatively if you are a Canadian musician,artist or business that wishes to be promoted in Ireland and indeed in Europe, please contact with your details.

View the Navan2Navan Mid-Summer Concert Photos from our recent event.

Thanks to all those who organised, took part, and all who attended.The night was a huge success.

Thanks to Lillie Byrne for the collection of photographs.

See the beauty of the Hill of Skyrne and the Hill of Tara in County Meath captured in this video by the legendary Navan singer Eddie Who.


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Cusack Group Hotels offers Discount to Canadian Tourists

The Cusack Group of Hotels based in County Meath, Ireland have teamed up with the Navan2Navan group to offer a discount to Canadian Tourists that may wish to visit Ireland.Visit the Navan2Navan website and follow the link to the Cusack Hotel Group.

Navan is an ideal location to stay for anybody visiting Ireland.Navan is approximately 40 minutes from Dublin airport, and is more accessible than parts of Dublin city.Navan is located on a direct motorway route comprising of the M50 and M3 motorways.Why not even stop off in Navan if you have a day and night to spare on your Irish trip.

The Furry Gilberts are busy rehearsing a new song; written and arranged by Declan Mc Keown and the Furry Gilberts.The song is based on how the two towns of Navan, Ireland and Navan, Ontario are coming together thanks to the journey made by Michael O Meara in the 1800’s.Full details will be announced soon including a launch party for the new song which will be released as a single.The single will be downloadable from iTunes and the Navan2Navan E-Commerce Store.

The Furry Gilberts will be playing as part of the Navan2Navan set at the Navan Fair in Ontario.


Donaghmore Round Tower Navan

Donaghmore Round Tower Navan Information

Donaghmore Round Tower Navan Information

Donaghmore Round Tower & Church Navan

Donaghmore Round Tower & Church Navan